EFT Speed Tapping Visibility Coach

Hello and welcome,  After years of feeling invisible, in 2016,  I  found my voice and shared my story as co-author in International Bestselling book, “100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening, and Empowerment.”

My goal for you is to learn to enjoy stepping into the spotlight and create fun sharing your gifts and talents.

I stand for positively supporting entrepreneurial women to believe in themselves, to become visible and provides encouragement to move forward to create the life you truly desire.

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As an EFT Speed Tapping Visibility  Coach, I help aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, and business women gain Confidence to become Visible doing Facebook Lives so you can share your talents, attract your ideal client and grow your business while making a positive impact being in service to others.
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Penny is such a bright light! She has this ability to just know what you need when you need it! Tapping with Penny helped me pinpoint an aspect of my life where I really needed more confidence. Her words and her energy helped me release what wasn’t serving me, and to open up my true potential. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sharleen Beaumont
Divorce Transformation Coach / Brave New Ending

One day when I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, I received a gift from the Universe: totally out of the blue, Penny touched base with me on Messenger to check how it was doing. I shared my worries, just like I do with a colleague I esteem value. She listened to me and, focused the problem right away, and proposed me to do some EFT.
In a few minutes I was totally in my power, experiencing an amazing energy shift!
Thank you Penny you are amazing! 🙂

Business & Lifestyle Coach / Angela Santi

Penny is amazing. I received positive results from the very first session with Penny. She was able to figure out the path we needed to discuss, even before I knew! Penny is very personable and intuitive, and picks up on cues of areas that I needed her assistance with. I believe there was a divine intervention when I found Penny….when you find a Penny, pick it up and keep a Penny.

Julie DeSot

My tapping session with Penny was amazing. It was a great session. Penny is incredibly positive and made me feel really comfortable discussing and working through the pain. She also gave me a great morning tapping I can do before I get out of bed, which I started integrating into my morning routine. And the pick-me-up tapping is so great for that afternoon slump. Thanks again Penny!


Penny is warm, enthusiastic and she really cares about her clients – she wants YOU to succeed and this shines out during her coaching sessions. Talking to Penny is a truly uplifting experience and she is one of the most supportive women I’ve ever come across .

Waller Jamison

I just completed a session with Penny and I now feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She helped me by providing the tools to work through a problem I have been agonizing over for week to come to the decision my heart truly wants. I feel amazing lightness and clarity!
Penny is such a kind, genuine, caring and compassionate person and I was immediately at ease with her. I look forward to working with Penny more in the future!

Kate Belbeck

I had a success session with Penny and the feedback that I received was very constructive and accurate. Penny is a genuine person who took my requests/ concerns at heart and was generous with her knowledge and time.

Reem Bedwany

I have come to know Penny Norkett through her wonderful Facebook group, Claiming Your Brilliance. I am inspired by her gentle approach to coaching and her ability to connect with others. Penny creates opportunities for women in business from all over the world to network and form meaningful relationships and encourages all of them to be the best version of themselves. Penny has helped me to see a way through my challenges and to understand that I am worth it.

Teresa Sanderson
Entrepreneur and Registered Nurse / Exploring Oils

I would just like to start by saying, that Penny is so passionate about her clients well being.
She takes the time to listen, and gives honest, loving, and compassionate advice. For me talking
with Penny was like talking to my best friend, Penny has been such an inspiration to me and many other
Thank you so much Penny
Shelley ❤️

Shelley Walker

This afternoon, I had a strategy session with Penny. I was feeling very ‘flat’ after a few days of not achieving what I wanted to. At the end of my session with Penny, I saw clearly how actually, I constantly fail to recognise just how much I HAVE achieved or to appreciate my true worth / value. I have come away armed with many tips to change how I think and view myself and my abilities. These positive changes will help me hugely with my business and how I market both my services and ME! Penny’s enthusiasm is infectious. I defy anyone to come away from time with her and not feel encouraged, enthused and above all, confident. I can’t wait to work with her more. Thank you Penny!!

Julia Duncan

After just one call with Penny, I felt ‘lighter’. I felt like I released a ton of things that were weighing heavily in my heart. These ‘things’ included guilt, shame, and overwhelm that I had buried deep inside. Things I had unknowingly pushed aside for so long. Penny really has such a calming presence that allowed me to feel safe enough to open up. If you’re unsure if Penny can help you, jump on a call with her, you have everything to gain.

Angie da Rosa
Transformational Mindset Coach / Angie da Rosa Coaching

I won a free session with Penny going over how to best use my time effectively with having a brand new business, a new baby, and a husband in medical school. I felt overwhelmed and bogged down by all of my responsibilities and like I didn’t have enough time to do everything I needed to. With the help of Penny, we came up with strategies that not only would help me keep on top of my business duties but make sure that my baby was well taken care of and help keep my husband focused on school. It was like talking to my very encouraging and helpful mom! Thank you Penny!

Marlee Brady

Penny’s gift of love and guidance during my coaching time with her provided many wonderful things to happen for myself that I will be forever grateful for. She has the ability with her caring way to present questions that opened things within myself that I have had the answers to all along! Being coached by Penny was truly one of the best gifts I have given to myself in many years!

Kimberly Legault Forty

What can I say about my experience working with Penny!? Amazing, empowering, refreshing, fun, emotional and transitional! I connected with Penny for an informal chat and who would have known that I would sign on to work with her. Penny is extremely caring, genuine, and really creates an atmosphere where you feel comfortable to share and welcome the emotional shifts you need to gain clarity into a happier and more aligned you. I came in very confident, knowing what I wanted to do, but working with her I was able to finally get out of my own way and make it happen. I’ve experienced a whole new high, an entire new layer of confidence, and learned even more about myself and all I can do. Thank you Penny for sharing your gift with me and helping me dig deeper into mine and unleash it. Love you so much!

Kierra J

Penny is absolutely amazing! She really helped me to unlock what is keeping me from connecting with myself, therefore my clients! I feel like a weight has lifted from my shoulders and my content and ideas are flowing freely now!

Angie Kralich
Certified Holistic Health Coach / Be Healthy To Live

I really enjoyed working with Penny! She was very proactive about finding ways to reach out and support me. The activities she “assigned” were quite fun. I definitely feel like I have a better sense of what I need to do to move forward in life. If you want to talk through things with a caring and intelligent coach, I strongly recommend Penny.


Thank you for a very ‘eye opening’ experience on Monday. I truly feel like this call was a breakthrough moment for me, as well as my assignment. The message in the assignment for me is so basic and obvious, and yet it really hit me through the process of it all. It really is liberating. Thank you again.

Paula M.

Words can’t express how thankful I am for our time together. You made me feel safe from our very first coaching call. You came in my life at the perfect time. Our similar experiences in our lives made it easier to opened up. I am so grateful that you were part of journey.


Thank you for our lovely chat this week – I love what you do and will definitely look into it. You also gave me a gift of realizing something that has been holding me back so thank you! Looking forward to connecting again.

Christine C.

Penny has a wonderful, warm and enthusiastic approach towards dealing with life’s situations. In a recent challenge, she helped me to focus and reach a heart felt decision as opposed to acting on what I thought my head was telling me. Thank you Penny!

Christine D.

Penny is a wonderful, kind and inspirational coach. Her wisdom and gentle questions help guide you to your truth with love and support. I felt heard and understood. Having her guidance helped me to organize my thoughts and put them into action steps towards my goals.

Wanda M.

Thank you Penny! It really helps to talk to you. Thanks to you I have realized my true goals!

Shannon D.