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Penny Norkett is a Visibility Empowerment Coach.  She is the co-author of International Bestselling book, “100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening, and Empowerment.”  

Penny assists aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs and business women to gain confidence to become visible so you can become the Star of your own life. She is passionate about encouraging women to step out of your comfort zone and press Go Live to do your very first Facebook Live.  Her goal for you is to learn to enjoy stepping into the spotlight and create fun sharing your gifts and talents. She stands for positively supporting entrepreneurial women to believe in themselves, to become visible and provides encouragement to move forward to create the life you truly desire.

She has published inspiring articles in The Mompreneur, The Huffington Post and Simply Woman online magazine.  Penny is a rising Speaker inspiring many women around the globe.  She is leading a community of like-minded women in a closed Facebook group Claiming Your Brilliance.


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Are you Yearning for Something More?

Let’s put a Plan in place to assist you in Achieving your Dreams. Are you ready to take the first step in Living the Life you always dreamed about? What would Courage have  you do?

Are you Grieving?

Grief does not only have to be about losing a Loved one. It can also be about a Change in Circumstance, a Relationship ending, A Job loss, or Moving to a new City. Together we can create an Action plan for moving Forward in your life.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Let’s Celebrate your Success in raising your Children. It is time to Focus on you. What do you want to do? Let’s connect with your Heart‘s desire. Dare to Dream.

Planning for Retirement

Creating the Second Half of your Life to be the Best Half. Together lets Map out an Action Plan to Fulfill all your Wants and Desires. Are you ready to Dream Big?