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Penny Norkett - Green Up Your Clean Up

There couldn't be a better time to take control of your health & home!

Starts June 1st, 2020
There couldn't be a better time to take control of your health & home!
Starts June 1st, 2020
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Are you ready to remove chemicals from your home? Not sure how to get started?

Join me June 1st, 2020 for a 5 day challenge to create a healthier, happier home without the chemicals.

Meet Penny Norkett

At 18, I suffered the greatest loss of my life with the passing of my sister in a car accident. Although it was traumatic, I have always felt like she was with me as my guardian angel. It is no wonder I was drawn to Occupational Therapy, working with clients and families who were impacted by car accidents. As the office manager, I gave support and became their champion to make sure they were able to access all the help that they needed. I thought about how lucky, truly lucky they were to be alive. I was the friendly helpful voice on the other end of the line - all while sitting in my own personal pain and grief.
At 20, I married the man of my dreams- we bonded over the loss of his best friend to a car accident - 6 months to the day of my sister passing.  The worst event in my life brought me to the best things in my life, my 3 beautiful children and now 2 grandchildren.
After watching my youngest son, Kyle experience health issues from birth, on December 1st, 2010 Kyle began a migraine headache that did not go away. Can you imagine what life would have been like for him? I was devastated. The mom guilt associated was often overwhelming. I brought him into this world, so somehow, I felt this was my fault. We spend the next 5 years in appointments, moving from specialist to specialist. The doctors and specialists "tried" many things, and often the side effects of the pharmaceuticals were worse or the treatments just didn't last or work. The best work I have to describe our experience is "victimized".
Not only were the side effects of the medications terrible, but also the process of testing each was extremely slow and time consuming. By the time we realized something didn't work, we had wasted so much time and money. Relying on the health care practitioners, one after another, often with conflicting theories was frustration to say the least, disempowering for myself as a mother, and for Kyle as he suffered through trial after trial. Some of the biggest take always I had during this time is our live were that our bodies (with the right support) have the power to heal itself. Diet, physical alignment, optimal health is within our control.
I left my career during all of this and wanted to take back some of the power I felt I was giving to the medical system, not broken but certainly not working for Kyle. I learned several modalities of self-care, EFT (tapping), and then I discovered essential oils. At the beginning I just used essential oils as a replacement for scented candles around my house. I had no idea until I began investigating more about the natural effects essential oils can have.
I started using the oils to help with my own headaches, the thousands of ibuprofen gels had really done a number on my stomach, and so I learned about an oil blend that helped with that. I was on my way to learning how I could take back my own power, using essential oils to help my family and myself. Although oils are not a cure for anything, they can work with your body's own ability to heal. I've experienced this personally through my journey.
I also learned that every BODY is different and can react differently to oils. For example I love using peppermint when I get headaches, it works with my body to quickly to get rid of it, yet I have a friend who reacts the opposite way. Peppermint oil doesn't help with her headaches at all. So knowing what work and what doesn't is a process - the best thing about it is it's immediate. I'll know right away if an oil is working - it doesn't take days, or even hours - no 3-week trials, no nasty side effects (I find when I try an oil for something, it either works within minutes or seconds, or doesn't work). Yes, I'm my own guinea pig, but I am always excited to try something new and see how it will help me. I am in complete control now. I don't have to deal with the frustrations I had dealt with in the past. I even use oils to raise my vibrations when it comes to my emotional healing, gratitude, abundance, happiness, and I love it!
This is my journey to being my best own advocate for my health, for keeping my family healthy, from the inside and out (Yes, I only use essential oil products for cleaning my body and home as well)!
I welcome you to reach out if my experience resonates with you.

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