What I learned from my 4-month-old granddaughter!

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. I was given the honor to babysit my granddaughter while she and her husband took some time for themselves. I had a practice run while I took her to the Farmer’s Market with me and was able to show my vendor friends one of the reason I am so happy.


She was a perfect little angel if I do say so myself. It was funny listening to my thoughts as I drove the 30 minutes to the market. She is so quiet, is she okay? Make sure to be alert driving, I have precious cargo with me. My heart was bursting with love as I drove along. I smiled at myself for the thought she is too quiet. I’ve raised three children and I used to long for them to be content and quiet. She continued to sleep when I placed her in her stroller. Her eyes popped open midway through the market trip and the smiling faces gushing over her instantly intrigued her. She knew love when she saw it. We arrived back home to her mommy for a final feeding before my big babysitting adventure.


This is what I learned from my granddaughter:


  1. A change of environment is always welcomed!
  2. If one thing does not work, try something else.
  3. Being in nature is good for everyone’s soul
  4. Don’t work so hard for smiles, she gave me the biggest one when she was in her mommy’s arms again.
  5. A quick game of peek a boo under a blanket recharges you
  6. Sometimes all you need is a hug
  7. Crying is okay to let out your emotions


Needless to say I had an awesome time with my precious sweetheart. Babies know they are golden. They know how to ask for what they want. They know they are the center of their own life. They know how to communicate their wants and needs.


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About the Author

Penny Norkett is a Personal Empowerment Coach and an Inspirational Speaker. Penny has assisted many women around the globe to reconnect with their true authentic power. Penny draws upon her training at the Simply Women Accredited Trainer Institute along with her authentic, positive, and joyful attitude to create a safe environment for her clients. She assists women to manage stress and overwhelm so they can gain clarity, feel confident and step into courage to create a magnificent life with ease and joy.