My Top 5 Energy Zappers

This week on periscope, I spoke about energy zappers. I realized I was using up my energy thinking about writing a blog about energy zappers. Every time we have a thought, it zaps a little bit of your energy. We repeat our thought over and over again in a day and the majority of thoughts we have one day, we have the next. Time to banish those energy zappers.


Here are 5 energy zappers I noticed this week alone.

  1. Email – Best tip I received this week was to get a separate account for all the newletters and sites that I subscribe to. Do not have that account directly linked to your phone or main account. Access the emails when you have time – not when the sender automatically sends them to you. Don’t you love the emails sent during the night, especially when your phone sends a little ding to announce them.
  2. Dead plants – I have to confess that I neglected to water my indoor plants enough last week. Each time I passed them, I would think, I will water them later. Oops, sorry plants. I thanked them for the time we had together brightening up my house and then discarded them. The empty spaced looked so much better. I promise I will care for the new sunflower I purchased yesterday.
  3. Facebook groups – I have met some amazing women lately and have joined their private facebook groups. Problem is, I forgot to turn off the notifications and my email was flooded with everyone’s posts and comments. I have now limited myself to my favorite 5 groups. The group app on my phone is great for quickly seeing what has been posted. Set up a specific time to check facebook and stick to that schedule. You can thank me later!
  4. Clothing – I realized I had not put my winter coats away from my hall closet. Summer was a long time coming, just when I was getting used to the warmth I would have to pull out my warmer clothing again. With the official first day of Summer, I put all the winter coats in storage. I even found a Spring coat I forgot I had.
  5. A Dirty House – I love my house but I have been spending a lot of time on my new coaching business. I would see the dust and think I will get to that later. Today, I gave my house a thorough cleaning and I feel so much lighter.


With my email cleaned up, my facebook groups organized, plants replaced, clothing in its proper place and my house sparkling, I am energized to begin my week!

About the Author

Penny Norkett is a Personal Empowerment Coach and an Inspirational Speaker. Penny has assisted many women around the globe to reconnect with their true authentic power. Penny draws upon her training at the Simply Women Accredited Trainer Institute along with her authentic, positive, and joyful attitude to create a safe environment for her clients. She assists women to manage stress and overwhelm so they can gain clarity, feel confident and step into courage to create a magnificent life with ease and joy.